Day out with Daisy in Old Town Edinburgh

There's nothing better than spending time with my daughter, Daisy, going to see some art on a cold windy day in Edinburgh.

Mark Wallenger at The Fruit Market in Old Town has some beautiful monochrome art on display along with some other thought provoking pieces.

Wallenger's work reminded me of how much I love using monochrome in rooms. Its timeless and stylish and there are so many ways that you can use this style. It's a great way to introduce a classic style into your home using traditional pieces, or you could mix it using modern geometric patterns which compliments it perfectly. Which ever way you go which ever room you use it in, it will always be a bold statement with a wow factor. However be careful that you don't get too carried away with the look as it can look cold and austere. I would recommend bringing in some splashes of colour, gold, burnt orange or go tonally with warm greys, all beautiful! I have made a monochrome mood board on my pinterest with a few examples to inspire. Here's the link.

On until June 2017 I would recommend checking it out, the cream and mushroom soup in the cafe was pretty good too.